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A Look at the Pros and Cons of Low Cost Flights

A Look at the Pros and Cons of Low Cost Flights

One of the significant ways to plan a cheap vacation is by choosing airlines that offer tickets at dirt-low prices. Many people plan their trips basis these cheap air tickets and visit places traveling to where would have been very expensive otherwise. However, as every coin has two sides, these low-cost flights also come with a set of pros and cons. You should be aware of the high as well as the low sides of buying the low-cost air tickets and then decide whether these would suit you or not.

Advantages of low-cost airlines

There are many advantages to buying tickets from low-cost airlines, which is why so many people eye these tickets round the year. Some of the significant benefits are as mentioned below.

  • Low cost – the most significant advantage of low-cost flights is the excessively reduced airfares which bring a smile to most people who want to fly on a budget.
  • There is no difference in the quality of service – Obviously, you cannot expect a grand reception when you are paying about one-fourth of the regular fares. Still, when it comes to onboard customer service, there would be hardly any difference. You would be treated by the crew members the same way as the passenger next seat who has bought an expensive ticket.
  • Tickets for many destinations available – With the extensive network of low-cost airlines across America and Europe, you get an ample number of options to choose your destination without causing a spike in the airfares.
  • No extra charges for one-way trips – This is another beauty of most low-cost airline companies. While the expensive ones would charge you heavily for a single journey, these low-cost airlines will charge you reasonably as you plan to travel one way only.
  • Less crowded carriers – As many people are worried about the security and quality of service of low-cost airlines, they shudder to buy tickets from them. It is a boon for those who purchase tickets at a reduced fare as they get the chance to save few extra bucks and have to face fewer crowds at the check-in counter and inside the aircraft.

Disadvantages of low-cost airlines

It would help if you remembered that there is nothing called a free lunch. While there are arrays of advantages of these low-cost air tickets, there are positive flip sides.

  • Hidden costs – Do not forget to read the terms and conditions correctly before buying tickets from low-cost airlines. There could be many hidden costs that are to be incurred later on, like charges for additional baggage. Many cheap airlines offer inexpensive tickets on hand baggage only, and if you carry extra cargo baggage, you would be charged crazily for that.
  • Nothing is complimentary – Gone are those days when you used to be greeted by the crew members with trays full of cookies and candies. As you fly on these cheap flights, nothing comes for free, barring a glass of water.
  • An eclectic mix of people onboard – As everyone can lay their hands on the cheap air tickets, you may not be fortunate about your co-passengers, who may not be very well versed with the etiquettes and general practices.

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