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Best Ways to Travel the World For Free

Want to travel the world but do not have adequate financial backing? Did you know that there many ways by which you can travel the world for free? Astounded? Well, it might be hard to believe, but then there are many ways by which you would get a chance to visit almost all the countries of the world and that too without spending even one penny out of your pocket. Read on to learn how.

Take a job at a cruise line

Unless you do not shy away from hard work and do not want to travel the world all alone, this could be an excellent way to travel without spending any money, instead of getting paid for it. Many cruise liners require people with specific talent onboard. These liners are in constant demands for hairdressers, masseurs, live entertainers and so on. If you have the needed expertise, you could find your place in one of these cruise ships that will sail to different parts of the world, thereby letting you explore those countries, free of cost.

Take the job of a tour guide

You may want to take up a quick learning course on tourism business and apply for the job of a tour guide at a reputed travel agency. Most travel agencies send a tour guide with their passengers while they conduct traveling tours to various destinations across the world. All you would have to do is to know about various places and should have the presence of mind to handle different situations while you accompany the touring passengers.

Star teaching English

As you move outside America, you would find that there is a massive demand for people who know and can teach English. Asian countries, many European countries as well as many countries in Africa have many jobs for people who can speak fluent English. Taking up one such job could let you visit these different places and earn some quick money, using which you can hop around and fulfill your dream of traveling the world.

Try your luck as an Au-Pair or Couch surfer

The term Au-Pair means an extra hand, and that is precisely what you would have to become if you want to travel the world for free. The Au-pair guy is allowed to live with a local family, and in lieu, he would have to offer some help to the family. He would be required to do things like giving tuitions to the children or take part in the daily household activities. While doing this, you will not only manage to get yourself a place to stay while you are traveling but at the same time, you would be able to earn some easy pocket money as well.

You can also look for couch surfing community wherein people look for people who could live in their houses during the period when the homeowners would be out business trips or

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