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Few Things to Remember While Traveling To Italy

Few Things to Remember While Traveling To Italy

When you are preparing to travel to Italy, you must be aware of the language problem you may face. Although the language is a problem, you will find that the locals are friendly enough to help you so that you, a foreigner, do not have much problem.

Apart from that, certain things must be kept in mind while you are in Italy.

Don’t look for ‘Italian Food.’

Back at home, you must have been in Italian restaurants and enjoyed pasta and pizzas. Thus, while traveling to Italy, you may have come with the heartfelt wish that you will enjoy Italian food there!

The reality is there is nothing called Italian cuisines out there. 20 regions in Italy have their own culture and cuisines. Thus, while you are in Florence, enjoy the local fresh food items there and in Rome. Try to find out what their specialties for the season. It is for sure that if you are prepared for it, you will return with a taste of lovely dishes. Enjoy the seasonal items, and you will love them.

In Italy, cash is king.

Yes, if you are habituated to paying for everything with plastics help, you may face some problems in Italy. Their people use cash for buying regular items. There are few chances when they use plastics. Thus, keep some money handy while you are touring in Italy. Do not worry, your hotels and train stations will accept cards, but they may not be accepted in local areas.

However, as everybody goes there with cash, there are many pickpockets too. So, beware of them. If you are carrying cash, then keep it safe from the pickpockets. You must not return with any bad experience.

Dress in style while in Italy

It is world-famous that Italian love fashion and on the streets you will find men and women dressed beautifully. Thus, while you are packing your bags, you need to make sure that you are carrying smart dresses to help you mingle with the Italian crowd.

You can wear almost anything, but when you are visiting churches, be careful. There are churches where you cannot wear shorts or show off your hands. Thus, it’s better to be in long pants instead of shorts and carrying some scarves with you if you visit any church while traveling.

Trains may be late, or they may not

There is a common belief that in Italy trains are always late. Although it’s not false, they are not still late, especially when you are late!

Many labor strikes in Italy make the trains run late. However, you can try out other modes of transportation, but the train is the most convenient way to reach from one place to another in Italy. Thus, be there at the station at a time, and your train may come at the right time.

Do not judge the restaurant with its traffic volume

If you reach any restaurant at 7 p.m. and find it dead empty, then do not turn out and walk away. You may face the same almost in every restaurant. This is because in Italy, the dinner time is late and restaurants do not busy until 9 pm.

Some restaurants that open before that are for visitors and not for the locals. So, you can enjoy your food in an empty restaurant during the normal dining hours of yours.

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