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Italy Travel Tips for Making the Most While in Italy

Italy Travel Tips for Making the Most While in Italy

The boot-shaped peninsula attracts millions of tourists every year and when you plan to go there make sure that you know things their way. When you visit Italy, you will be enchanted by their marvelous culture and magnificent architecture. It is a modern country that still holds the beauty of the past.

If you are a travel freak, you must be in Italy once and while you are there remember these Italy travel tips to make your trip enjoyable.

Travel tips while in the boot-shaped peninsula

When you are in an unknown place, you must know about the culture and tradition there so that you do not fall in an odd situation. Learning about the Italy travel tips will surely help you enjoy Italy at its best.

  • The tourist season in Italy starts in June and ends in September. If you want to make it pocket-friendly, you can go there between April- May or September-November. Hotels bookings will be cheaper, and expenses will also be on the lower end.
  • As a tourist, you will get a visa for 3 months. So, you can plan to stay there for maximum three months if you are not traveling there for business or nay another purpose.
  • Pack and carry lightweight luggage. In railway stations, their primary mode of transportation, you may not get porters. Moreover, Italy is fashion hub and where will you keep the dresses you buy from there?
  • In any city be it Rome or Naples the hotels downtown are very costly. You can choose to stay on the outskirts where they will be affordable.
  • Do not start looking for Italian food there as every region has their specialty and you must try them at places wherever you go.
  • Try to gather information about different cities in Italy from the internet. It’s not necessary that you have to be an encyclopedia about Italy, but knowing facts will help you understand the place better.
  • After you land at the airport and take taxis, you should have their local currency Euro. They hardly accept any other currency. Euro is acceptable in 13 different countries in Europe. If you do not have come prepared, you can exchange them at railway station or airports.
  • Local people speak Italian, and when you are there, you must know few things. Rather than asking stuff in English to a local, if you say ‘Buongiorno, sai inglese’ you will get a better response.
  • The dinner time in Italy is a bit late, and it starts after 8 pm. So, if you start feeling hungry wait for few more hours before you enter restaurants.
  • The check will not be served to you at the restaurants until and unless you ask for it. Once you have completed your dinner ask ‘il conto per favorite’. They do not rush you. Instead, they give you time to enjoy their excellent cuisine.
  • Italy is a magnificent country and wherever you put your smile on your face. You will be loved by all and return with pleasant memories not only of monuments but people out there.

Follow these tips, and you will surely enjoy your trip to Italy. This land will mesmerize you with its culture, and you must surely enjoy your stay there.


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