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List of Cheap Honeymoon Destinations for Budget Travelers

List of Cheap Honeymoon Destinations for Budget Travelers

It is a favorite thing that people tend to exhaust all their financial resources at the wedding.  When it comes to planning a honeymoon, as they are hardly left with any money, they choose a cheap destination but far from being romantic. Many people do not know that many affordable honeymoon destinations will cost too much but would offer a wonderful romantic getaway to make your honeymoon an exceptional one. Some such goals are mentioned here in this article.

A touch of the Caribbean islands

If you had always wanted to spend your honeymoon in the Caribbean Islands, but now you cannot afford that anymore, you can still plan a visit to the Florida Keys. The enchanting islands along the 106 miles long Florida Keys scenic highway would welcome you with the swaying palm trees and pristine beaches. Enjoy your time snorkeling in the ocean or spend romantic evenings looking at the sun going down in the waters as you raise a toast hoping for a happy and cheerful life ahead.

Enjoy Irish hospitality at a low cost.

Did you know that Ireland has many B&Bs throughout the country that could offer you the cheapest accommodation while on your honeymoon? You can always enjoy the green fields, beautiful water bodies, and historic villages and castles in the Irish land as you spend some quality time with your newlywed partner. You can opt for romantic cottages which overlook the Atlantic and spend hours looking at the ocean while you hold hands with your loved one.

Asian countries offer the cheapest honeymoon destinations.

If you have to find affordable honeymoon destinations, head towards Asia. There are many romantic places on this continent, and as you would get massive value for the dollar in this part of the world, your honeymoon trip would turn out to be a real cheap one. Flight tickets to Asian countries like Cambodia or India would indeed be expensive, but if you plan your honeymoon well in advance, you can lay your hands on some cheap air tickets as well.

Once you set your foot on Asian soil, you would have plenty of options that would serve as the most ideal and romantic honeymoon destination for you. Some of the unusual honeymoon places that you would find in Asian and South Asian soils are Bali in Indonesia, the beach city of El Nido in the Philippines Maldives, Tatai in Cambodia, Goa in India, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, among other lovely destination.

Cheap honeymoon destinations in the US

If you and your partner do not want international travel and would want to restrict your honeymoon within the US, you would still have many options on the platter. Outer Banks in North Carolina would offer the highest levels of tranquility and provide cheap accommodation for people who are out on a budget honeymoon trip.

Some of the other places in the US where you can plan your budget honeymoon are the Sanibel Islands in Florida, the desert town of Sedona in Arizona, Yellowstone in Wyoming, or Charleston in South Carolina.

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