Travel Insurance

What Does Travel Insurance Cover

What Does Travel Insurance Cover

If you travel a lot, you are always advised to have travel insurance. Why? What does travel insurance cover that will make your journey smooth? The five necessary things that you get covered by travel insurance are Cancellations, loss or delays, medical expenses, evacuations, and 24/7 assistance.

Once you have travel insurance, you can be calm about these issues. To know more about they read on.


Most travelers are worried about cancellations of tickets, whether it’s flight tickets, hotel room bookings, cruise fare, or anything else. Generally, you make your reservations beforehand and incur all these expenses. Thus, when they are of non-refundable nature, and something odd happens, you risk losing your hard-earned money.

Under trip cancellation coverage, you will be reimbursed for all non-refundable expenses when you cancel the trip before you depart. However, the reason for canceling your trip must be in the list of covered reasons by the insurance company.

Some common reasons that most insurance companies cover are

  • Sickness, death, or injury of your travel companion or someone from your family.
  • Your flight is canceled for a hurricane as the destinations are devastated by the natural catastrophe.
  • A terrorist attack on the destination city
  • Called for jury duty

These are just a few reasons; your travel insurer will provide you with many more.

If you face any such problem while you are on your trip, you will be covered under trip interruption coverage.

Lost and delays

While you are traveling, you may suffer loss even for lost bags and luggage, delayed flights. If your baggage is lost, damaged, or stolen during the trip, you will get compensated under baggage coverage. Under baggage delayed coverage, you will get paid to buy essential things that are needed until your baggage arrives.

When your flight is delayed, and you have to pay for an extra night’s stay and dinner, you will be covered under travel delay coverage.

Medical emergencies abroad

You may be thinking that as you have medical coverage, you do not need one while you are traveling, but what if your insurer does not cover you while you are outside the country?

If you have medical expenses coverage, then you will be getting paid for the expenses while you are traveling and facing any medical emergencies. So, travel without worry. You may even get reimbursed for the dental care expenses if required.

Emergency Evacuations

You may often face emergency evacuation, and then you have to bear the evacuation expenses like airlifts and returning to medically equipped flights. These expenses can be very high, and if you have covered yourself under travel insurance, you can be sure that it is not you who will bear the expenses.

Phone assistance 24/7 worldwide

If something happens when you are abroad or traveling, 24/7 phone assistance is your lifeline. You will get their executive to support you while you are facing an emergency. This service is most important when you face medical emergencies.

Now, you must have some idea about what does travel insurance cover. To know more, get in contact with any travel insurance company, get insured, and travel with a free mind.

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